How it works

Total System Integration

Every Kohler generator’s power system is designed, manufactured and engineer in every detail down to the last bolt to ensure everything works together seamlessly including generators, transfer switches, switchgear, controllers and more.

Kohler Generator
Gas generators 40-1300 kW
Diesel generators 10-4000 kW
Kohler Automatic Transfer Switch​
Open, closed and programmed transition operating modes; standard, bypass-isolation and service-entrance switch configurations.​
Kohler Remote Annunciator​​
Remote Monitiring and testing of transfer switches​
Kohler Paralleling Switchgear​​
Low and medium voltage​
Kohler Decision-Maker Controller​​
Controls, monitors and aids system diagnostics​
Kohler Wireless Monitor​
Performance monitoring around the clock​
Kohler Monitoring Software​​
Monitors generators and transfer switches from a PC

How power generators work?


No matter at home or business, a power outage can be annoying and disruptive. It is vital to have a power generator (genset) backup system on standby mode and ready to be activated.


When there is a power outage, the auto transfer switch sends the signal to activate the generator. The engine will start the alternator to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, ready to provide power in mere seconds.


When the power generator reaches the nominal/rated speed and voltage, it will restore power to the home or business. The power generator will continue monitoring the power being supplied to the equipment to ensure no interruption.